What is a co-creation community?

Customer co-creation is not a fad or “kumbaya” alternative to traditional ideation. It simply recognizes the fact that your passionate customers remain an untapped resource for improving your ideation success rate. There, we said it… it’s about the money.

Having been inspired by thought leaders such as Surowiecki, Howe and Searls, we recognized the fact that we weren’t looking to completely outsource the ideation process to customers. Our goal was to gather customer insights and thus inspire the traditional ideation teams, solving traditional problems with customer input to the ideation process.

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     Recruiting and assembling your unique community to help solve a transparent challenge.

  • The CrowdWeaving® Challenge

    Your business’ challenge is formalized and tasked to members of your community.

  • The Top Themes

    Themes from the challenge are vetted and evaluated via a quant survey to a new external sample.

It’s putting the customer first.

At KL Communications, we specialize in customer co-creation communities powered by CrowdWeaving®, our proprietary approach. Our CrowdWeaving® approach features all the traditional community tools you’ve come to expect (e.g. polling, forum discussions, surveys, etc.), but also includes co-creation services that allow participants to partner with you in a collaborative group setting.

The primary benefit of an online community is a 24/7 built-in infrastructure for customer engagement. This offers the perfect choice for an ongoing conversation with your customers.


“Pulse” Communities for a Specific Challenge

A Pulse community is a short-term co-creation community assembled to address a specific business issue. Like a strategic strike force, your Pulse community is assembled for the sole purpose of solving the challenge at hand. Once completed, the community is disbanded, mission accomplished!

Typically only two months in duration, a Pulse community combines the effectiveness of the agile development process (fail early, often and work iteratively to a solution) with the power of customer ideation.

A Pulse community serves as a great “proof of concept” opportunity. It allows our clients to experience our insights engine at a relatively low cost.

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